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FGXpress, which will launch in 2014, is the multilevel marketing distributor of PowerStrips, a patented, self-adhesive pain relieving product. PowerStrips are listed with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device and contain an outer layer of Germanium with an adhesive layer containing a proprietary blend of fermented Korean Red Ginseng and Marine phytoplankton in a water soluble adhesive which is safe for continuous daily use. Each PowerStrip can be used for a period of 24-48 hours.

FGXpress is backed by the executive team of ForeverGreen International, a health and wellness company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Utah.

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Body FX Direct

Body FX Direct, in pre-launch as of April 2013, is the direct marketing arm of Body FX. Body FX produces high-intensity workout DVDs that have sold millions worldwide, as well as premium nutrition and weight loss supplements.

Body FX sells its fitness DVDs through infomercials. Customers who purchase a DVD set from Body FX will also receive a DVD advertising the company's nutritional and weight loss supplements. A company-sponsored email informs customers about incorporating nutritionals into their fitness routine, and each customer will be assigned to a Coach (Independent Representative). Independent Representatives will receive these company-generated leads for free from Body FX.

Body FX Direct fitness program
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HealthNation offers a platform for delivery of telemedicine consultation services to individuals through a network marketing business model. The company is based in Arizona and was founded in 2011.

HealthNation's product, HealthNation Connect, gives patients access to credentialed physicians by phone, email or video conference for medical advice, diagnoses, or prescriptions. These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members also have secure access to medical records, tools and coaching for healthy living, billing assistance and negotiation, plus access to naturopathic physicians. HealthNation Connect costs $100.00 for the first month and $20.00-$60.00 per month thereafter, depending on the membership plan.

HealthNation Connect
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7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout, launched in June 2011, offers a package of fitness and weight-loss products for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels, which it sells through a multi-tier affiliate system. 7 Minute Workout is a workout regimen that can be completed in 7 minutes a day, 2-3 days per week.

7 Minute Workout members have online access to a tracking system for weight and body measurements, a food tracker based on their proprietary weight loss formula, and a social media system that is focused on health and fitness.

7 Minute Workout
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Oxygen4Energy is a new Network Marketing company that markets portable canisters containing 95% pure oxygen enriched air. According to Oxygen4Energy, the product (also named Oxygen4Energy) allows users to flood their body with high amounts of supplemental oxygen at any time. By entering through the lungs, the oxygen enters the bloodstream in seconds and is immediately available to the body. The most popular application and the main focus of the company is sports and fitness. However, the product also works well for hangovers, seniors, mental clarity, stress, and altitude acclimation.

According to company President, Craig Inaba, "Oxygen4Energy is going to be the next bottled water or energy drink type product and the entrepreneurs who get in early with us will be in position to make a financial killing."

95% Pure Oxygen Enriched Air in a can. TruO2.
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SnackHealthy, Inc, is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Founded in the fall of 2010, SnackHealthy's primary product line is healthy snacks with a goal of offering health to the body, and a mission to achieve a balance in mind, body and spirit. SnakHealthy is the network marketing subsidiary of Healthient. Healthient recently became a publicly traded company ( symbol TIAS ) via a reverse merger with Time Associates, Inc.

Crispy Fruit, LoliBars, Zing! (sugar free energy), Mini Pretzels, and Popcorn.
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Amega Global

Amega Global Manufactures Energy and wellness Products that are distributed mostly through E-Commerce network marketing. The company was formed in 2006 by a consortium of three companies comprised of a Wellness Product Manufacturer, an Investment Firm and a Personal Development Company. The company's mission statement is: "To open the door of opportunity for people to create an improved way of life through a wellness concept to live life's desire.".

Amega Wellness Energy, Ega Age Difiance, AMFoods, AMEGA
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Aliva ( AlivaMax Worldwide ) is a distributor of anti-aging products and was founded by Mark J. Sain and Gerald Ricks. Aliva claims that it will expand worldwide in the next trillion dollar global market of anti-aging products, and is currently seeking distributors to market its products.

Aliva produces an Anti-Aging Miracle Serum as well as a Fountain of Youth cream, both containing a proprietary formula of chemicals, vitamins, compounds and extracts from various fruits, roots and oils.

Aliva Fountain of Youth, Aliva Anti-Aging Miracle Serum
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Damajon is specifically marketed to appeal to a female customer base with products that are designed to inspire, uplift, and celebrate the characteristics of women. The company also operates the Women of Strength Foundation which partnered with Women for Women International. Founded in 1993, Women for Women International assists women in war-torn regions improve their quality of life by providing financial and emotional support, access to career training, as well as making them aware of their own rights.

Damajon provides a full line of health and beauty products geared specifically for women. These products range from vitamin masks, collagen creams and pour gels; to moisturizers, organic acne treatments as well as a full line of make up. In addition to its beauty products, Damajon also offers books, postcards, journals, Music CDs, jewelry and even screen savers.

Health and beauty products designed specifically for women.
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Golden Moor

Golden Moor was founded in 1987 by Marc Saint-Onge (of Ottawa) in his home, using a a washing machine to mix ingredients. After searching 63 bogs, Marc discovered a bog in Casselman, for which he established a 25-year contract for extraction rights.

Golden Moore mud is extracted from a bog in Casselman Canada, and retains a high quality due to high levels of humic acids. Humic acids aid in preventing arthritic and rheumatic pain and give the body a sense of well-being. Many Moor properties are present across Europe and Asia, however pollution has rendered them unuseable, resulting in the importing of foreign Moor, in order to supply the demand.

Golden Moore provides health and body products which includes mud based products, face and body oils, nutritional supplements, detox supplements and body scrubs.
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CieAura markets "holographic energy chips" with the claim that the holograms are programed with "VibraTec" an exlusive patent-pending technology that adhesively binds sound vibrations into the discs to "influence the human energy field."

CieAura claims that these programmed vibrations communicate with the body to help it regulate and "move your body's vibrations to the optimum".

Founder and CEO Ken Rasner was formerly listed as the executive VP of LifeWave, an MLM company marketing "organically constructed nano-antennaes for hte passive frequency modulation of human magnetic fields".

CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips are available in three different Archetypes, each claiming to cater to individual biological needs. The first chip is designed to help relieve the body of pain and discomfort, the second chip helps in achieving a sound and restful sleep, while the third is said to increase energy.

CieAura Transparent Holographic Energy Chips
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PM International

PM International markets a variety of health, fitness, wellness and skincare paroducts.

Health, Fitness, wellness and skincare products
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At NuVANTE, skincare is no longer a cosmetic product; it is a health and wellness product. NuVANTE products are designed to make your skin healthy and attractive.

NuVANTE independent distributors receive a personalized website where customers can place orders and have products shipped directly to them. There is 24 hour access to all back-end support systems allowing NuVANTE distributors to analyze business performance, sign up new distributors, and manage their business by downloading forms and marketing materials.

Skin Care Products
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From Kleeneze website: Kleeneze plc is the leading home retailing specialist. Our business streams have many processes in common - procurement, sales techniques, distribution and fulfilment.

Our strategy is to use a multi-channel approach to retailing, combining Kleeneze's network of independent distributors and Farepak's agents with IWOOT's internet retailing platform and the eeZee TV live television shopping channel in order to bring a growing variety of products to our expanding customer base.

Home Retail Products
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Vitagenex markets the "Harmony Energy Patch" by LifeWave Products. According to the Vitagenex website, "LifeWave Products is the world leader in the emerging field of organically constructed nano-antennas for the passive frequency modulation of the human magnetic field."

Harmony Energy Patch, Vitajuice, Vitashake
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Amazon Herb Company

Amazon Herb Company imports wild crafted herbs to the USA. All Rainforest Bio-Energetics herbs are hand inspected never fumigated or irradiated.

Amazon Herb Company Review and Product Details

Hsin Ten Enterprise USA

Hsin Ten Enterprise USA Review and Product Details


Quixtar was launched in 1999, Their Internet commerce business model combines the commercial power of the internet, and low-cost Independent Business Ownership Plans. Quixtar has a full-service infrastructure of to help individuals reach their goals.
Quixtar is a division of Alticor, parent company of Amway, Corp.

Health and Beauty, General Merchandise
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