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Make Money Watching Ads

Make Money While Watching Ads offers a proprietary system, that allows people from anywhere in the world to tap into the multi-billion dollar advertising industry. MMWA describes their product as a revolutionary profit share, that allows anybody to advertise their current business (web traffic) whilst at the same time, leverage the power of the PROFIT SHARE that pays out to all advertisers, every 30 minutes.

Leveraged business advertising and revenue share on advertising packs
Make Money Watching Ads Review and Product Details

Operation Prosperity

Operation Prosperity launched in Feb 2016, founded by a dedicated group of internet marketing entrepreneurs.

The company mission statement is "To Help You Make Money Online & Create Your Financial Breakthrough, In As Little As 14 Days Flat!"

Operation Prosperity offers HD Video tutorials and training to demonstrate how to create successful marketing campaigns in any business niche, with specific information on how to tap in to 27+ income streams.

Operation Prosperity HD Video training and tutorials
Operation Prosperity Review and Product Details

Traffic Authority

Launched in August, 2015, Traffic Authority is marketed as an Internet Marketing Program, created by Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey. The company was previously known as Infinite Leverage System and claims to provide quality click traffic through their traffic packages.

The back office materials are primarily videos explaining the business, packages and compensation plan.

The company marketing materials include preformatted ads with marketing messages like "Make Money Like Google", or "Make Money Like Facebook".

Company Products and Product Line

Traffic packages, with a company guarantee of delivery within 24 hours of the order, with clicks sourced in the U.S. and Canada

Enrollment Options

Enrollment in Traffic Authority is free. To earn commissions affiliates must purchase the product in order to earn commissions on that product. Or, they may refer three sales for that product which roll up to the next qualified affiliate, but which qualifies the referring affiliate for future sales of that specfiic product.

Basic packages include the Reseller License ( $20 ), Reseller License plus Traffic Optimizer ( $47 ), and Reseller License plus Traffic Optimizer plus Traffic Academy ( $144 ). The basic traffic package starts at $220 for 170-190 clicks. The highest priced package is the Diamond Package, 8400 premium clicks that Traffic Authority values at $8397

Enrollment may only be cancelled and refunded within seven days of purchase, and notice must be delivered by mail to: Streamlined Marketing Systems, Inc., 3116 Capital Circle NE Suite 9, Tallahassee, Florida, 32308

Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy, Training, Click Traffic Packages
Traffic Authority Review and Product Details


Leafit, currently in pre-launch, is a multilevel marketing company that will offer a social networking platform. Leafit users will be able to earn by posting content and sharing others' content.

Leafit allows affiliates to earn money from their social posts by taking a photo of an item, describing the photo with keywords, and posting the photo to their Leafit profile for friends and followers to see. When a friend clicks on an item in a photo a Leafit affiliate has shared, they will be automatically directed to whichever retailer has that item at the lowest price. If they purchase the item, a portion of the profit comes back to the Leafit affiliate.

Online shopping, Social Networking
LeafIt Review and Product Details


Update: WCM777 has closed their US offices with this notice: The USA operation is closed. The company's US customer service center, City of Industry office is closed. The company's US customer service phone number will remain the same, as will the email address. October 4, 2013

WCM777 is a direct selling e-commerce company based in Hong Kong. The company held a grand opening in the United States in June 2013. The three letters in WCM777 represent ''We Create Market.'' WCM777 is the marketing arm of Word Capital Market Inc., a merchant banking and advisory company with locations and joint venture partners in China, the United States, Israel and Japan.

WCM777's product offerings are cloud computing services. These include WCM Cloud Space, a cloud services platform offering instant messaging, mail boxes and file sharing for individuals and groups; WCM Cloud Music Station, providing users with public and private music channels based on the user's preferences; WCM Cloud Books Library, which currently has over 100,000 Chinese books for online reading and downloading; and the Kingdom Card, a customer loyalty points card. The Kingdom Card's purpose is to give bonuses to customers and to help merchants increase customer loyalty and profits.

E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Loyalty Points Program
WCM777 Review and Product Details


Rippln is a new social application company in pre-launch, or "invite-only stage". Rippln's marketing materials announce the company's intention to market a suite of smart phone apps which they claim will monetize users' social influence. They are currently in the "stealth mode" of marketing campaign, adding new members via referrals.

Company Products

According to pre-launch site and videos, Rippln's primary application is one that aims to bring transparency to the social engagement business. According to the company website, "with Rippln, people will finally be able to see the impact of their social graph on the market and have the chance to profit from it."

Social Application for Smart Phones
Rippln Review and Product Details


PureLeverage markets an Internet Marketing and Network Marketing tool suite designed to help reps build their existing business.

The PureLeverage marketing system includes a suite of tools that includes opt-in funnel landing pages, a pre-written auto-responsder system,video blogging tools, an authotiry blogging platform and training.

PureLeverage members may also profit by becoming Rapid Resellers and marketing the PureLeverage system to others.

Elite Coaching System, Easy Lead Flow - Lead Capture System, Authority Blog, Turbo Traffic Generation, Video Email Service, Live Meeting Room, A to Z Wealth Home Study Course
PureLeverage Review and Product Details

Level One Network

Level One Network market a blogging system, designed around search engine optimization, to allow anyone to see real search engine results. This system is designed for online marketers, and has many build-in tools and gadgets to help give people maximum exposure on their content.

Click Marketing, the parent company, is also known as, and

Online blogging and affiliate systems
Level One Network Review and Product Details


TelexFree is a multilevel marketing company launched in Brazil in January 2012 that offers telephone service as well as an opportunity for members to earn income by publishing advertisements on the internet.

TelexFree's product, 99TelexFree, is a phone service app that costs $49.99 per month and allows customers unlimited calls to cell phones and landlines within Brazil, the US and Canada.

99TelexFree, AdCentral, AdCentral Family Membership
TelexFree Review and Product Details


JubiRev is a new company in pre-launch that promotes itself as an revenue sharing business that operates a consumer savings portal under the brand "JubiMax". JubiRev is the marketing arm and recruitment system for JubiMax, the customer product portal.

JubiRev reps are titled "Promoters". Promoters purchase or earn "JubiPoints" to use to provide sample products to prospects they enter into their network. Points are earned by giving registering customers and giving away samples from the Jubimax brand product line. Samples are drop shipped from the company.

According to company promotional videos and literature, JubiRev promoters earn overrides on entire company commissionable sales volume in daily revenue pool. The total rewards for the day are divided by the total number of points awarded to Promoters.

JubiMax product lines are listed as including skin care, weight loss, energy, vitality, a shopping rewards portal and travel savings portal.

Revenue Sharing Consumer Portal, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Energy, Vitality, Shopping Rewards, Travel Savings Portal
JubiRev Review and Product Details

Cash Unite

Cash Unite has announced their official launch date of October 14th, 2013.

Cash Unite uses the most advanced technologies available to create a fast and easy way for people to connect with others all over the world and earn money doing it. Cash Unite's patent-pending, Peer-to-Peer Social Revenue Share System works with all social networks and email service providers in the world and is designed to change the way people use social sites online.

Cash Unite has developed strategic relationships with all of the most popular social networking sites. Its unique tools will allow people to continually interact with friends, through the social sites which they are already members of. Members will be able to share experiences, discuss ideas, post pictures, share music, add video, express opinions and increase exposure to their business through advertising, while earning an uncapped monthly income. Cash Unite's viral broadcast tools have been developed to allow members to easily build their Cash Unite team.

Peer-toPeer Social Revenue Share System
Cash Unite Review and Product Details


NeverChase is a new lead generation and marketing system designed for the network marketing and Internet marketing industry.

NeverChase Marketing System, Traffic Package
NeverChase Review and Product Details

GoFun Places

GoFun Places is a direct sales company specializing in lifestyle, leisure and travel products and services through a travel site, online shopping mall and auction.

The GoFun Places Lifestyle Online Auction offers savings on products such as electronics, apparel, hotels, resorts, cruises, vacations, automobiles and more. GoFun Places Affiliates sell subscription packages ranging in price from $150.00 to $1,500.00. Each package includes LifeStyle Club Card(s) and LifeStyle Dollars, which are used to purchase products from GoFun Places' travel site, auction and shopping mall. GoFun Places Affiliates are rewarded with LifeStyle Dollars when customers use their LifeStyle Dollars to purchase travel or products.

GoFun Places Lifestyle Online Auction, LifeStyle Club Card, LifeStyle Dollars, GoFun Rewards
GoFun Places Review and Product Details


Neucopia is a multilevel marketing company offering training and tools for affiliate marketing, real estate marketing, stock market and Forex trading, debt consolidation and elimination, and tax advantages.

Each month Neucopia Members will receive access to new training courses. Premier Level Members receive access to additional conference calls, webinars, training videos, and strategies from experts in their respective industries. Neucopia Members have the opportunity to earn commissions by enrolling others who purchase a membership.

Training Tools
Neucopia Review and Product Details


BidXcel is a multilevel marketing company which is the marketing arm of XcelBids, an e-commerce site offering online penny auctions, strategic auctions, and an online store where bids can be used toward product purchases. XcelBids Affiliates can earn rewards by referring customers to XcelBids.

BidXcel customers purchase XcelBids in the following packs: $40.00 for 20 bids, $100.00 for 50 bids, $200.00 for 225 bids, $500.00 for 555 bids, and $1,000.00 for 1,550 bids. Bids can be used to bid for items in auctions on

XcelBids penny auctions, online store
BidXcel Review and Product Details


Xplocial, which launched in June 2012, is a multilevel marketing company that offers a system to create a customized Facebook business page.

Xplocial's product is an automated, turn-key system that allows users to created a customized Facebook page and use Facebook, mobile and texting tools to help build relationships, capture prospects and increase sales.

Facebook Business Page and training
Xplocial Review and Product Details

OPN The Opportunity Network

OPN (The Opportunity Network), formerly known as Unaico, is a network marketing company that offers its members a free social network that combines social networking with integrated services. Members of SiteTalk have access to a variety of third party products and services for purchase. SiteTalk members also receive a membership to

Company Goals

From the company website: "OPN is dedicated to creating a platform for individuals to fulfill their aspirations as a one-stop holistic solution."

Social Networking and Integrated Services
OPN The Opportunity Network Review and Product Details


SiteTalk, an OPN company, is a free social network that gives its members access to a variety of products and services and rewards members for recommending new members to the SiteTalk community.

SiteTalk allows members to communicate with friends, family and business contacts globally, and offers its members various services combined with a rewards program that rewards members with loyalty points that can be used for making purchases in SiteTalk Mall, the community's online shopping portal.

SiteTalk safeguards its members' personal security and integrity. All information that is uploaded to the member's profile belongs to the member. If a member chooses to stop sharing content or decides to terminate his or her membership, all information and images will be removed as requested.

SiteTalk Community
SiteTalk Review and Product Details

Savings Highway

Savings Highway partners with service providers in multiple industries to create volume buying discounts for its Members and Representatives. Savings Highway's products and services are provided by companies such as Aetna, Coast 2 Coast, Legal Club of America, General Electric and more.

Savings Highway's discounts and services include dental and vision, legal, ID theft restoration, and roadside assistance plans, plus savings on groceries, shopping, dining, entertainment and travel .

Discount Services
Savings Highway Review and Product Details


Bidify is the marketing division of Bidsson, a global penny action site. Each bid in the auction is 1 penny more than the highest bid. Each time a new bid is made the clock resets to 30 seconds. When the 30 seconds passes without another bid, the last bidder wins.

Bidify's bids are classified as 'Sample Bids' and 'Retail Bids'. Sample Bids are purchased by Bidsson Affiliates to give to Bidsson customers. Customers can then use these bids to bid on a Bidsson auction. Retail Bids are purchased by Bidsson customers to bid in a Bidsson auction. Bidify affiliates can qualify to earn rewards on every retail bid they sell and every sample bid they purchase that is used by a Bidsson customer.

Penny Auctions
Bidify Review and Product Details

Empower Network

Empower Network, which launched in October 2011, is an affiliate marketing system that uses a turnkey Wordpress blogging platform that is pre-formatted and integrated with social networks.

Blogging and marketing platform for business marketers
Empower Network Review and Product Details

Invado International

Invado International is a direct marketing company headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, that offers consumers the ability to save on products and services they use and purchase every day. Invado markets the online group buying site Referdia, an energy option in deregulated markets with Invado Energy, and travel discounts with Invado Travel Club.

Invado launched as UCI or "Utility Choice International" in 2009, with the goal of taking advantage of energy deregulation on the United States. Invado offers electric services from licensed energy suppliers in several states. Referdia offers consumers up to a 50% saving for products and services from local businesses, and is free to both businesses and consumers.

Consumer Savings, Referdia, Invado Energy, Invado Travel Club
Invado International Review and Product Details

Network Marketing VT

Network Marketing VT ( Virtual Training ) offers downloadable digital products for a $98 fee plus a $19 affiliate fee.

The first three sales go to the upline. Sales are 100% commissionable.

Digital downloadable education products.
Network Marketing VT Review and Product Details


CityWorth, LLC, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, officially opened for business in January 2012 in the Washington DC area. CityWorth has combined a local daily deals platform with network marketing principles. The company intends to add 10 additional metro areas by the end of 2012.

CityWorth offers individuals the ability to earn commission by establishing a database of their friends and family to promote CityWorth Daily Deals. For every CityWorth Daily Deal purchased by their database, CityWorth "Connectors" earn commission. Additionally, CityWorth Connectors can become CityWorth Business Connectors to develop deals with local business that will be shared with all CityWorth customers in their area. CityWorth Business Connectors earn additional commission for each of their Daily Deals sold.

CityWorty Daily Deals ( similar to Groupon, LivingSocial )
CityWorth Review and Product Details


Unaico LTD, based in Hong Kong and Singapore, was founded in 2009. The company recently officially opened in the Canadian market and is in pre-launch for the USA market.

Unaico's SiteTalk is a free social network that combines social networking with integrated services. Members of SiteTalk have access to a variety of third party products and services for purchase.

Social Marketing, SiteTalk
Unaico Review and Product Details


Varolo, based in Utah, incents users to watch relevant ads that match their interests in exchange for chances to win weekly jackpots and through direct pay, leveraging the network of Varolo users they build.

Varolo members fill out a free profile so that advertisers can send them ads based on their interests. Advertisers pay to have Varolo members watch their ads. Each ad a member watches gives them a chance to win a weekly jackpot. Members can build a "village" of people they have invited to Varolo and earn money on each ad they watch.

Varolo ad network
Varolo Review and Product Details

Ignite 360

Ignite 360 offers businesses and organizations a complete marketing strategy with website development, branding, social media, direct mail, customer service and sales force management tools. As of May 2011, Ignite 360 is no longer using a network marketing distribution channel for its services.

Ignite 360 Review and Product Details

Text Cash Network

Text Cash Network, Inc. "TCN", based in Boca Raton, Florida, offers mobile marketing and brand management services to corporations, ad agencies and media outlets.

TCN's services include Opt-in Text Network and Text Advertising.

Company Goals

Text Cash Network's mission is "to provide market-leading, high value services which meet our Customers' evolving needs by leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit of our Referral Agents while striving to continuously increase shareholder value."

Opt-In Text Network and Text Advertising
Text Cash Network Review and Product Details

Minerva Worldwide

Minerva Worldwide, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, is a developing a website designed to help members find information on weight loss and related content. It is scheduled to launch at the beginning of 2012.

MinervaPlace will bring together physicians and scientists in the wellness and nutrition fields to provide members with articles and videos on weight management, fitness, wellness, fashion and beauty. Visitors and members will be able to interact on topics that interest them.

Minerva Place
Minerva Worldwide Review and Product Details


Zilergy, based in Tampa, Florida, sells an all-in-one e-marketing system that includes mobile marketing, social media, and email marketing.

Zilergy's opt-in mobile service allows customers to send targeted messages offering discounts and promotions and stores an opt-in subscribers list for future promotions. Zilergy's ENGAGE feature allows customers to manage all of their social media campaigns and initiatives from one source. Zilergy provides tools and templates to quickly facilitate proper distribution of emails. These services are available to customers starting at $100 per month.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Zilergy Review and Product Details

Cash Texts

Cash Texts is currently in pre-launch. The website has very little information at this time but states that the company expects to have a FAQ and video on the site soon. The company claims they will pay multi-level commissions on SMS marketing messages, coupons and savings codes from mainstream advertisers sent via text messages.

It is free to join with a referral ID.

SMS Marketing
Cash Texts Review and Product Details

My Lead Company sells leads to network marketers that they can use for their primary business, while giving them the opportunity to build a secondary income.

The company sells lists of leads and enrolls new associates through its Marketing Associates' personal websites.

A personal enroller link is required. My Lead Company will provide one if a prospect does not have one. - 100 Free Leads

Network Marketinga and MLM Business Leads
My Lead Company Review and Product Details


Ausante, based in Wilmington, Delaware, sells carbon credits for individuals, families and businesses. Carbon credits are standardized international units of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by such activities as planting trees. The company offers "packs" of carbon credits starting at $320 for an individual to become carbon neutral for one year.

Ausante has partnered with the Zambian government in a reforestation and environmental stewardship project.

Company Goals

Ausante's goal is "to re-forest large parts of the Eastern Province of Zambia and also sponsor the communities through the development of school s and hospitals in the region."

Carbon Credits
Ausante Review and Product Details

GEM Lifestyle

GEM Lifestyle has been set up to build an online community with a common interest in social networking and entertainment. GEM Island is a new interactive entertainment and social networking portal. GEM Island will feature casinos, skill games, virtual banking, and shopping.

Each month the profits given to the Revenue Share Plan from the company together with the monies from a real money incentive scheme will be shared with qualified associates through a system of 4 income pools. A full back office reporting system will be available, giving associates an easy to understand way of knowing where they are in the plan and their qualification status updated every day.

Online social netorking, gaming, banking and shopping
GEM Lifestyle Review and Product Details is the Internet Division of Sherman Specialty Corp., a leading importer and provider of party supplies since 1953. MakesParties offers qualified applicants the opportunity to sell party supplies, decorations, and personalized items through a co-branded online store. Affiliates earn 20% commission on sales, and there is no cost to join. MakesParties manages the online store, inventories products, fulfills orders, bills and services customers.

Party supplies,decorations, and personalized items Review and Product Details

Intway World Corporation

Intway World Corporation offers financial services for stock exchange trading and real estate crediting, and also a complete set of practical instruments and ready-to-use solutions for opening business on the Internet, such as web hosting and Internet services, personal webshops and a support website. Intway World Corporation offers Business Packages ranging in cost from $129 to $299 per year.

IntwayStock (system of Stock Exchange terminals), IntwayBuilder (website constructor), IntwayShop, IntwayStore (personal webshop), IntwayConference
Intway World Corporation Review and Product Details

Perfect Wealth Formula

Perfect Wealth Formula is a marketing company offering "The Power House Marketing System", an internet marketing system. PWF provides the system on a series of videos. Perfect Wealth Formula reps are compensated with a multi-tier affiliate commission program for sales of The Power House Marketing System.

The Power House Marketing System
Perfect Wealth Formula Review and Product Details

Pink Package

Pink Package is a home-based business whose Independent Consultants assist guests in selling items on eBay at Pink Package Parties. Guests at Pink Package Parties who sell items on eBay through their Pink Package Independent Consultant receive 50% of the final selling price.

Pink Package eBay home parties
Pink Package Review and Product Details


ZenZuu is a social networking platform allows you to make money by signing up your friends and receive revenue sharing. ZenZuu gives you all the tools necessary to make new contacts for business or for pleasure. ZenZuu reps can earn direct commission, overrides from their downline organization, and receive matching bonus, partner development bonus, and more.

Social Network
ZenZuu Review and Product Details

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